When the recipe for a new life is bittersweet…

Ellen Cahill’s future rides on the success of her new pastry shop. A bruising divorce has drained her bank account, along with her spirit. A new man enters her life promising love, but Ellen, haunted by the past, questions whether she can pull off this new beginning.

College student Rosa Escamilla has her own culinary dreams—and a difficult mother who’s dead set against them. Rosa won’t be deterred. She scrapes up the money to enroll at a prestigious culinary school, setting out to prove everyone wrong.

When hidden betrayals by the people they love most surface for both Ellen and Rosa, can they overcome the blows they never saw coming on the road to where they want to go?

“Told with Karen Guzman’s trademark compassion, Arborview is the book we need right now: poignant, hopeful, and full of heart. A beautiful story about the relationships that shape us and the dreams that save us.”
— New York Times bestselling author Michelle Richmond

Arborview is that book you crave when you need something sweet and comforting—a story that reminds us that solace and connection can be found in unexpected places. Readers will cry and cheer for Ellen and Rosa as they discover the courage to blaze their own paths. Arborview is an uplifting story about secrets, dreams, new beginnings, and the quiet bravery of asserting one’s self-empowerment.
Jennifer Gold, award-winning author of The Ingredients of Us and Keep Me Afloat

“Arborview is a tender and nuanced tale, compassionately told and woven with truths and insights. Karen Guzman’s characters are finely rendered, their challenges, joys, confusions, and triumphs honestly portrayed.”
Judith Teitelman, award-winning author of Guesthouse for Ganesha

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“In Karen Guzman’s pitch perfect debut novel, the past holds Seth prisoner with exquisite power, keeping him frozen in time…This is a splendid book.”— Jacqueline Sheehan, New York Times Bestselling author of Lost and Found and other novels.

“Karen Guzman’s eye for detail and ear for the truth take us on a journey of redemption as Seth gingerly tests a new relationship and tries to put his troubled past into perspective. Homing Instincts wraps a complex contemporary tale in lyrical language and astute insights.” — Susan Schoenberger, author of A Watershed Year and The Virtues of Oxygen.

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